In honor of Thanksgiving, I asked the CUDO Plays Committee what games they are most thankful for. These aren’t necessarily their favorite games mind you, just games they’re appreciative of. Here are some of the best responses, and yes, this is a week late because last week we were all playing games and stuffing our faces. You understand.

Jess: “I am thankful for Skull and Sushi Go! Two games you can take anywhere and play with anyone. They really bring people together. Also, one of them makes people hungry for sushi, and people always need more sushi in their lives.”

Katie Khau: “I’m thankful for Concept, because the first time I met Kaity Bequette it was during a game of Concept, and now we rule CUDO Plays as malevolent co-sovereigns for life.”

Kaity Bequette: “I am also thankful for Concept. It’s all the fun of charades, but with way less social anxiety, and you don’t even have to stand up.”

Chris: “I am thankful for Robo Rally and Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Customisable Card Game because of all the time I spent playing those games with my best friends in high school. I’m also thankful for Blokus because it always looks awesome when you’re done, and you can’t say that about every game.”

Tom: “Ironically I’m thankful for No Thanks, because my mom is oddly very good at it, and thus will play it whenever. Also, I’m begrudgingly thankful for Dominion. Even though I don’t love Dominion, it spawned the whole deckbuilding genre which contains many games I do love, and some games in this very season of CUDO Plays.”

Got a game in your life that you are particularly thankful for? Let us know about it on the CUDO Plays Facebook page!