CUBED Playtest

Game paper prototypeSeveral CUBED and CUDO Plays veterans were in attendance for the CUBED Playtest night at Titan Games on November 1st. New games from CUDO Plays award-winners got tested and they show a lot of promise! CUBED will be running regular playtest events for the rest of the season so keep an eye out for them here and on their website.

End of the Trail Kickstarter Complete!

The Kickstarter campaign for Season 4 award-winning game End of the Trail completed this week. The team at Elf Creek Games blew past all of their stretch goals and we at CUDO Plays could not be prouder. You can still put in a late pledge to get your own copy of this excellent game.


Upcoming Events

Playtest Convention – Saturday, November 4th

Lincoln Square Mall @ 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Come to the CUDO Plays Playtest Convention for Season 5! This is a day to play the new prototypes and creations of the CUDO Plays teams and to get feedback from the Champaign-Urbana gaming community. Refreshments will be provided, and you will receive invaluable critique from people with years of experience. Teams can bring their games in any condition that they are in and playtest with people from the community. We will provide playtest feedback forms for playtesters to fill out! Facebook event

Playtest Convention After-Party – Saturday, November 4th

Spark Museum + Play Cafe – Lincoln Square Mall @ 6:00pm – 8:00pm

We’ve got a new event this season, it’s the Playtest Convention After-party! Come eat, unwind, and have fun immediately following the convention at Spark Museum + Play Cafe. It’s just down the hall! Competitors, playtesters and all other participants are welcome.

Spark is an awesome space and CUDO Plays will have it all to ourselves for this event. There’s toys and activities that people of any age can enjoy. Spark also has a menu of tasty snacks and meals and part of every food purchase made during the After-party will go towards CUDO Plays.

We’re very happy to have Spark as a partner and we hope to see everyone at the after-party!

CUBED November Meeting: Q&A with Matt Leacock – Monday, November 6th

Champaign Public Library @ 7:00pm – 9:00pm

For their November meeting, CUBED will be holding a Q&A with game designer Matt Leacock who will be visiting via Skype. Matt is the designer of games such as Pandemic, Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Island, Thunderbirds, and many more. This meeting will be your chance to get some game design advice from one of the most well known designers in the world! Learn more here.

Design Workshop – Saturday, November 11th

Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab @ 1:00pm – 4:00pm

This workshop is focused on graphic design fundamentals. Learn the skills you need to make your cards/board/etc. readable, clean, and attractive.


CUDO Plays Recommends

This week CUDO Plays recommends Kerala.

Kerala box and contents

In this game each player wants to take at least one tile of each color, and all tiles of one color should be joined together, but of course the players are constantly getting in the way of one another and grabbing the tiles that someone else wants. Kerala is beautiful and simple to teach, but difficult to master.