CUBED Playtest at Titan Games

CUBED hosted one of their focused playtesting events this week at Titan Games. The featured game was the meeple-rolling breakdancing game Break It Up A Notch, by CUDO Plays veteran Ben Moy. Many wild dance moves were had!

Break it up a Notch rulebook and meeples


Upcoming Events


Exclusive Playtest at C-U Adventures in Time and Space

Season 5 teams! Sots for our Deep Silver Volition playtest (Jan 13th) are now full! If you would like to come out for the Adventures in Time and Space playtest (Tues, Jan 16th) please email the team liaison Lee at These closed playtests are great opportunities to get your games played by professional designers and artists.

Open Playtest at G-Mart Comics – Monday, Januray 15th

G-Mart Comics Champaign @ 6:30pm – 9:00pm

In lieu of our normal monthly game night, we’re pleased to announce our first playtest event at G-Mart Comics in Champaign! If you attend you’ll also be getting a sneak peek at G-Mart’s gaming space.  Facebook event

CUDO Plays @ Winter War – Sunday, Januray 28th

Wyndham Garden Urbana @ 2:00pm – 5:00pm

As always, CUDO Plays will have a room for open playtesting at Winter War, the local gaming convention. You don’t need to be a con attendee to join in, but if you’re a Season 5 competitor, this is a great opportunity to get your game in front of some hardcore gamers that you might not see otherwise. Note that Winter War is at a new location this year!


CUDO Plays Recommends

This week CUDO Plays recommends Azul.

Azul board and tiles

In this very colorful game, players take turns draftingtiles from suppliers to their player board. Later in the round, players score points based on how they’ve placed their tiles to decorate the palace. Extra points are scored for specific patterns and completing sets; wasted supplies harm the player’s score. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Azul is a surprisingly strategic game with strong puzzle elements. Be careful or your opponents will leave you with all the wrong tiles!

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