CUDO Plays, your local Board Game Design Competition, is excited to announce the award winners of its 7th season!

CUDO Plays brings together local gamers, designers, and makers to build unique, homemade tabletop games over the course of just six months. 12 new and original board games have been submitted for this season of the competition. One of the mottos of CUDO Plays is “finishing is winning” and we are proud of all of our teams this season for creating amazing games from scratch! At the end of each season, CUDO Plays gives out awards to highlight the games that truly excel in the following eight categories:

Indie Game Alliance Marketability Award

The Indie Game Alliance is a guild of independent tabletop game developers that have joined together to promote the latest and greatest indie games across the country! With their network of volunteers, the IGA offers a vast array of promotional assistance for game designers, from playtesting services to warehousing and sales. The Marketability award recognizes which game is most ready to make it to store shelves and generate broad appeal.

Runners Up: Hero High,, TOP TIP$

Winner: Biozone: Wild Planet

CU Adventures in Time and Space Visual Design Award

CU Adventures in Time and Space is the largest escape room facility in central Illinois, bringing you into immersive worlds filled with amazing levels of detail and intricate design! CATS brings their players into spooky cabins, cyberpunk alleys, and other settings highlighted with rich visual appeal.The Visual Design award recognizes the game whose appearance best enhances gameplay and storytelling.

Runners Up: FlipFrogs, Hero High

Winner: Upon A Hillside

The Game Crafter Craft Award

The Game Crafter is the world’s first print on demand game publishing service! With an easy-to-use system, TGC offers templates, instructions, videos, and proofing tools to help designers create a quality product. The Craft award is given to the game whose physical components show the highest quality and add to the game.

Runner Up: FlipFrogs, Railroaded

Winner: Upon A Hillside

Titan Games Innovation Award

Titan Games is a local game store that isn’t afraid to change things up and explore new ways to game! The owners work hard to keep up with the gaming industry and provide something fresh for everyone who visits. The Innovation award is given to the game that shows the most creative use of mechanics to create a new experience for the players.

Runners Up: FlipFrogs, Vehicular Arrangers

Winner: Upon A Hillside

Gopher Mafia Games Accessibility Award

Gopher Mafia Games is a local game store that understands gaming is for everyone, and strives to be a space for all gamers. They pride themselves on community outreach and their ability to bring new people into the gaming hobby. The Accessibility award is for the game that can be played by the widest audience and provide an engaging time for everyone who plays.

Runner Up:Hero High, TOP TIP$

Winner: Biozone: Wild Planet

Live Action Games Replay Value Award

Live Action Games is a home to all the games and toys that are a blast from the past, because they believe that fun never goes out of style.  From Gundam models to vintage Castle Greyskull to resold video games, Live Action Games is the place to go when you want to make your 10 year old self jealous. The Replay Value award is presented to the game that can provide a great experience even after many plays.

Runner Up: Biozone: Wild Planet, Hero High

Winner: Upon A Hillside

Dr. G’s BrainWorks Enrichment Award

Dr. G’s BrainWorks knows that gaming strengthens your brain and improves your health.  For everything from puzzles to science kits to high strategy board games, Dr. G’s is ready to help you give brains of all ages a workout. The Enrichment award is given to the game which best promotes thought about educational topics or real world issues.

Runner Up:, TOP TIP$

Winner:  Biozone

Elf Creek Games Theme Award

Elf Creek Games is a local game publisher that recognizes that when a game tells a strong enough story, everything falls into place.  Elf Creek Games has successfully published games like End of the Trail, Atlantis Rising, and Honey Buzz. The Theme award highlights a game whose narrative is told through every facet: rules, components, and overall play experience.

Runner Up: TOP TIP$, Upon A Hillside

Winner: The Glorious Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of San Martinez

CUDO Plays is brought to you each year with the support of local businesses! We will be inviting the public to play all 12 games from Season 7 when we kick off our eighth season in fall 2020!

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