These are the achievements that the teams can receive in the form of stamps by accomplishing goals, reaching milestones and attending events! Will you be able to unlock every achievement?

Attending either Kickoff event
Attended Pitch Night
Registered a team for CUDO Plays
Attended the Playtesting Convention
Attended the Mechanics Workshop
Attended the Design Workshop
Attended the Critical Review
Participated in a Board Game Blitz
Pitched a game idea at Pitch Night
Sketched out game idea
Ran a guided playtest
Attended the Making Workshop
Played with minumum and maximum number of players
Attended the Marketing Workshop
Turned in your final game
Attended Board Game Boot Camp
Prototyped your board game
Have a written set of rules
Attended the Making 2.0 Workshop
Balanced gameplay
Blogged about your game on social media
Attended the Grand Exhibition
Attended the Symposium
Created and played a game from Boot Camp
Tried a game mechanic and trashed a game mechanic
Ran a blind playtest
Playtested your game at least 10 times
Built the pieces and bits for your game
Attended all the main CUDO Plays events

Additional Achievements

These are the stamps for visiting the local businesses and organizations that support CUDO Plays!

Attended Winter War
Visited Illini Plastics
Visited Dixon Graphics
Visited Titan Games
Visited Black Line Supply Co.
Attended the Heartland Maker Fest
Visited Armored Gopher Games
Visited Art Coop
Visited the Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab
Visited Dr. G's Brainworks
Visited Slot & Wing Hobby