Gen Con 50 Booth Map

With Gen Con 50 now in full swing, it’s a great time to give a shout out to our games industry sponsors from outside of Champaign-Urbana. All of these companies and organizations help to make CUDO Plays’ awards packages and prize bags truly awesome! Here’s a list of our supporters and contributors and where you can find them at Gen Con.

Sponsor Location
ACD Distribution ACD Retailer’s Lounge
Alliance Game Distributors | Game Trade Magazine Booth 118
Blue Orange Games Booth 1811
Card Caddy Booth 2006
Fireside Games Booth 1349
Game Salute Booth 2315
Gamewright Booth 2100
HABA Booth 1907
iello Booth 249
Indie Boards and Cards Booth 2201
Indie Game Alliance Booth 361
Inside The Box Board Games Follow the team at Gen Con @itbboardgames
Level 99 Games Booth 2149
North Star Games Booth 1803
Panda Game Manufacturing The First Exposure Playtest Hall
Renegade Game Studios Booth 2211
Roxley Game Laboratory Booth 2753
Shoot Again Games Moving around a lot! Find current whereabouts @ShootAgainGames
Steve Jackson Games Booth 1413
Stonemaier Games Booth 2656
The Game Crafter Booth 2555

That’s a big list! When you visit any of these folks, make sure to thank them for supporting local game events like us. It really helps to build a stronger board game community worldwide!