Over the summer, the CUDO Plays Committee went on the search for new members. We organized a series of grueling mental and physical trials lasting many weeks, but ultimately not one, but two whole human beings made the cut to become new full-fledged CUDO Plays Committee members!

I recently sat down with newly minted committee member Rebecca Knaur to find out more about her (ok, we didn’t actually sit down, I just emailed her some questions, but we do totally know each other in real life).

Tom: How did you first find out about/become involved with CUDO Plays?
Rebecca: My good friend Chris Needham was a competitor in Season 1, so I had heard all about “The Blob Attacks” for months. I came to the Grand Exhibition, fell in love with “Heifer Heist”, probably mildly creeped out Cow & Duck with my enthusiasm, and have been a regular playtester ever since.

What made you want to join the CUDO Plays Committee?
[CUDO Plays Committee member] Tim Kuehlhorn owns a ton of board games I have never played before and I figured this was the best way to angle in to your game-nights*.
*Tom Note: I won’t lie, this is one of the reasons I joined too. Tim’s got so many games.

What do you hope to bring to the committee and/or the competition?
Snax. And coffee. And probably some mom-face*, which I have even though I do not own children.
*Tom Note: I can now confirm that Rebecca’s mom-face is top notch and definitely an asset to CUDO Plays.

What’s your history with tabletop gaming?
I’m from Nowhere, Ohio, so there was literally nothing else to do and my folks taught us card & board games from a very early age. Cootie, Mille Bornes, Sorry, and Free Enterprise* (this weird Monopoly knock-off modeled on Galesburg, IL) were some of my earliest games. It bloomed into an all-out euchre obsession during high school, and in adulthood it’s been a good way to socialize and meet people while convincing them I’m not a Cylon.
*Tom Note: Free Enterprise appears to not have a BoardGameGeek page, which means it must be truly amazing.

Rebecca and others playing Rampage

What are some of the games you like the best and why?
– Euchre is my life-long love: it changes based on who you play with, yet is simple enough that you can play while drinking and talking.
Heifer Heist is top of my ideal-world list even though I never get to play it! I love the art, the puns, and the really clever mechanic. I hope someday it will become a real boy.
– Conversely to euchre, I also love Gloom because it is like a giant growing story that requires my full attention and I get to kill characters in creative ways.
Dixit/Mysterium both appeal to me because of the beautiful & surreal artwork as well as the secret communication mechanic. I probably have alienated folk with how much I like these.

What do you hope to see in Season 5 of CUDO Plays?
I hope to see greater community-wide participation and more games with robots. I’m so over zombies and fantasy, it’s time for the machines to rise.

What is one interesting fact about yourself?
I have interviewed a Pulitzer prize winner and am trying to schedule an interview with a MacArthur Genius. Pretty sure I am on my way to interviewer BINGO after last year’s debacle with pissing off a NYT bestseller and drinking with a different NYT bestseller.

Who is the author you were forced to read for school that you like the least and why?
Moby Dick — his book is the WORST. I stopped reading after like 40 pages but still aced the test from lecture notes.

Favorite pie flavor?
Cherry — but only with a lattice top and vanilla ice cream. If unavailable, I will convince Coconut Cream it has always been my first love.

What movie do you never get tired of watching?
I rarely repeat-watch things because I have a disastrously exacting memory and there are too many new and interesting stories to take in. However, some things are comforting, like the musical 1776, John Turturro’s Illuminata, Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6, and Labyrinth.
There is one thing I could watch on a loop forever, though, and it is:

Please provide one terrible joke, pun, gag, meme, animated gif, or one-liner that is near and dear to your heart.
I offer up this meta-pun written in memefont which is also a gag. Honorable mention goes to “A man walked into a bar. Owch.”

Tearable Puns

Well, that’s all for now blog readers. Tune in next week as I probe the mind of our other new committee member BJ!