CUDO Plays is run by the CUDO Plays Committee; an all-volunteer group of passionate, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely good-looking individuals. If you’ve ever been to any of our events, you’ve certainly met some of us, but if you’d like to get to know all of us a little better then read on!

For this blog post, each current member of the CUDO Plays Committee was asked to answer two simple questions:

  • What’s one game you love that you wish more people knew about? 
  • What cartoon character do you think best represents your personality?

Let’s jump right in!



Game:  Attack! It got a reprint in 2003, and if you’ve played Axis and Allies, you generally know what’s going on. But unlike Axis and Allies, which starts at the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Attack! feels like it starts in the mid-1920s. You start out as only one country, and most of the world is neutral. So today’s game could be the conflict between Monarchist Brazil, Capitalist India, and Fascist Australia. Then you spend the first third of the game playing this cool political game, whereby you turn neutral countries to your side; sometimes by coup, sometimes by sponsoring a neighboring country to invade. Then the end of the game is typical war game. But that first third… that’s where it’s special.

Toon:  I want to say Porco Rosso, but that’s just me being hopeful. Honestly, I’m probably Owl, from the various stories set in the Hundred Acre Wood.



Game:  Anachronism. A totally unusual and groundbreaking collectible card game from the “bad old days” of the hobby. Your deck consisted of a historical leader or warrior (the game was literally produced by the History Channel) and four other cards. It combined miniature combat with extremely limited deck construction. You could buy an entire playable deck for $5 and you knew exactly what cards you were getting because each leader came packaged with four cards associated with them. I still break this out with my old CCG friends.

Toon: Probably Winnie the Pooh. At my best, I’m sort of an easygoing blank slate like him. Also I’m the same body type, and I like honey.



Game:  Space Alert. It combines several of my favorite game mechanics; programming actions with cards, madcap player interaction, and panicked decision making. Players are the crew of a spaceship and each one is dealt a number of cards that allow them to move between rooms and activate the equipment. Meanwhile, there’s a CD/MP3 playing that dictates the amount of time allowed for programming and announcing dilemmas to solve. The instruction manual is also well-written and humorous.

Toon:  I’m a real good match for the middle-aged Dexter in the Dexter’s Lab movie Ego Trip. I just need to work out…a lot. Like, a lot a lot; that guy’s jacked. But I have the beard and the lab coat and I’m sure I could get a big wrench easy.



Game:  Zogen. Right now I’m really into the speed of the game. You need to call out the name of a missing or added microbe as you place your card down, but don’t get caught placing a wrong card or saying the wrong name or you reset your progress! You can also get away with a wrong move if a card is placed on top of that card! The feeling when someone gets caught is one of those moments where you talk about it for the rest of the night, and similarly for when you get away with a wrong call, accident or not.

Toon: Pikachu. You get one guess as to why.



Game:  Concept! It’s basically like charades with pictures — you get people to guess a word or phrase you’ve chosen by first putting a question mark on the initial concept, (person, movie, book etc.) then by using other pretty bits to signify modifiers so that people can narrow down their guesses! More people need to know about this game because I am very good at it.

Toon: Do muppets count as cartoon characters? Because if so, then Miss Piggy. She’s glamorous and high maintenance, but at her core just a regular ol’ pig. 



Game:  Coup! Bluffing is my favorite part, and trying to think about who is lying or not and when to lie or do truthful actions is a fun challenge. The best part is really the metagame; remembering who you’re playing with and imagining what choices they would make!

Toon:  Aggretsuko! Her life is basically the same as mine — too much work and not enough time! Also, the way she reacts to things is way too real.



Game:  Y‘all are going to roll your eyes at me, but I honestly wish Euchre was more popular here. My lifelong saying about it is that if you gather 4 people together to play in Champaign-Urbana, you will have to teach at least one of them how to play. That slows things down and makes the game less social and fun, because you have to keep going over the concept of trumps and bauers… I just want a solid group of people to sit down, drink, threaten and shout at over a card game played with 2/3 of a deck.

Toon: Although it’s not a perfect fit, I’ll choose Slappy Squirrel from Animaniacs. I’m one of the oldest here. I’ll drop those truth-bombs about Bumbi’s mother but then make it up to you by also explaining movies. You’ll believe I’m ready to smack you with my umbrella at any moment, and when someone says, “Well! I Never!” I will reply, “You should try it, it’s fun.”



Game:  For years I’ve been thinking about small games that teach the mechanics needed for larger games. At our last Cafe & Co Game Night I played a game called For Sale that does just that. It starts with an auction draft for real estate properties, so there’s resource management and evaluation of the relative value of options. Then there’s a blind bidding phase with the properties you won in the auction. The game has mechanics which keep all players in the game, so it’s an excellent stepping stone to larger/longer games. 

Toon:  Optimus Prime was a great role model for me as a kid.



Game:  Basari. This is a pretty old game (all the way from 1998!), but also one of the best roll-and-move games ever made (second only to Camel Up!). It’s got just a bit of lots of different game stuff that I love: rollin’ dice, big reveals, wheeling/dealing, COLORFUL GEMS. Don’t let the austere art fool you, this is a classic.

Toon:  Baloo the bear, specifically from TaleSpin. I love airplanes, I love parties, I care about my friends, but I’m also quite lazy.