Once you have an itch.io account and have joined the game jam, adding a game submission is simple. Go to the game jam page ( https://itch.io/jam/cudoplays2020) and click on the big pink “Submit your project” button.

A pop-up will appear. If you have not added a game to your itch.io account before, you will be prompted to create a new project. Click on the “Upload game” button to continue.

This will bring you to the “Create new project” page. Fill out the different fields for your game. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but here’s some additional details.

Title : If your game doesn’t have a name yet, make one up and put it here!
Project URL: This will be the web address for your games page. Itch will recommend you one based on your title.
Short description or tagline: Something catchy about your game!
Classification: Select “Physical games”
Kind of project: Choose “Downloadable”
Cover image: Even if you’ve got no art skills, we hope you’ll create some kind of cover image for your game! Even a screenshot from Tabletop Simulator will do.

Release status: “Prototype” is probably the most correct selection for the games in this game jam.
Pricing: You’re free to charge for your game after the jam if you wish, but for now please set as “No payments” so that anyone will be able to download your rules and play your game!
Uploads: This is where you’ll upload your rules and optional board files.

Description: Write a description of your game! We recommend your description describe the primary mechanic and themes. What role the players take on in the game, and how many players can play. This section can include images as well!
Tags: Add any tags you’d like based on your own game.

Community: Set to include comments
Visibility & access: you can set your game to “public” after you’ve saved the page.

Go ahead and “Save & view page.” See how your game page looks and make changes as needed. Jump back in to edit your game page and set the “Visibility & access” to public. Save and return to the CUDO Plays Game Jam page. Now, when you click on the “Submit your project” button, it will give you the option to submit your saved game! Even after you submit, you can still edit and reupload your game files up until the end of the game jam on the night of Sept 27th.