Those that were able to attend one of the Kickoff events will already know a bit about CUDO Plays’ new mentorship program, but for everyone else this blog post will give you all the information you need about this exciting new aspect of the competition.

In past seasons, CUDO Plays has designated a single committee member to act as the Team Liaison, sending out reminder emails and fielding questions from all of the competing teams. This year, we’re trying something different. Although we still have a Team Liaison, we felt that this didn’t give enough personal support to our teams, each of which is always different. Thus, starting now, each team that wishes to have a team mentor can contact us and have a CUDO Plays expert assigned to them.


Who will the mentors be?

  • Members of the CUDO Plays committee
  • Veterans of past seasons of CUDO Plays

All mentors will know a great deal about the competition and how to excel in it. If you participated in a previous season on CUDO Plays and would like to be a mentor let us know! Fear not though, you can be a mentor and still enter the competition with your own team/game!


What will mentors do?

Provide customized support for each team.

This is the primary role of each mentor. We understand that every game develops at a different pace, and we know that each team needs different levels of support. Mentors will listen to their teams’ concerns and assess how to address their unique challenges.

Facilitate use of community resources

No mentor will be an expert in every community resource, but luckily, mentors will work together as a group so all of their individual expertise can be leveraged by any team.



Give constructive criticism

CUDO Plays’ playtesting events are a great way to get feedback from strangers about your game. However, it’s sometimes difficult to get the hard critical feedback teams need when they reach a development plateau. Mentors can be relied upon to give candid feedback at every step of the design process. This also means that mentors will make themselves available (within reason) to help playtest their teams’ games.



Help teams meet deadlines

Along with the Team Liaison, mentors will also gently push teams to meet deadlines and attend major CUDO Plays events.

Be an advocate and central point of contact

One thing a mentor will not do is make their teams’ game for them. However, mentors will be a fan of each of their teams and the games they are making. Above all else, mentors want to see their teams complete the competition with a game all the team members are proud of!

We are very excited about this new way to participate in CUDO Plays. We hope that mentors will ensure that no team feels left behind.  

Again, having a mentor is optional, but we highly encourage you to request one if this is your first year participating in CUDO Plays. Even if you have been a competitor in previous season, you can still have a mentor! Either way, the Committee will try to assign the mentor that will best fit the needs of the team.



Once again, if you are a previous CUDO Plays competitor but are interested in being a mentor, or if you just want to learn more about the program let us know by messaging us on Facebook or emailing us at cudoplaysofficial@gmail.com!