If you’ve never been to The Idea Store, it’s a magical place where castoff items of every variety can be found. Each year CUDO Plays goes to The Idea Store to fill up our box of game bits for the Board Game Boot Camp and other events. If you’re in the competition you NEED to give The Idea Store a look. Whether you’re searching for a specific piece for your game, or just looking to be inspired, The Idea Store will have something for you.

The Store just moved to a new, bigger location in Lincoln Square Mall. I checked it out and here is just a sampling of the rad stuff there that you could (and should) make games out of.

The Store’s awesome and much less cramped new space in Lincoln Square Mall

Retractable lanyards

You could make a very dangerous game with these bad boys.

Pez dispensers

Somebody make a Pez game please

Dice, money and soldiers make the world go round.

Glass tokens for fancy games, bottle caps for… less fancy games.

fans, 3D Glasses, wood blocks

Are YOU the total hero who is going to make a game with just these three items?

So much STUFF.

They got Tetris up in here.

There is a whole shelf of stuff from other games.

Including “guys.” What game is complete without some “guys?”

SHAPES. Shapes which are also COLORS.

Paper of every weight, composition and color.

You never know what you will find on the new Wall of Intrigue.

These “white rectangles” are plastic cards. Dry-erasable and perfect for a game.

Tragically though, I must report that the Idea Store is currently out of Secondary Swizzles.

The Idea Store’s new location is so wildly convenient, it’s just feet away from where the Playtest Convention is held! Teams can dash on over and find anything they need.

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