Season 2 Games

Aces vs. Faces

Aces vs. Faces

10-15 minutes
2-4 players

Map of Istan, in a grid. Use three techniques to narrow down hiding places to find a deposed dictator. Human intelligence, psychological profiling and house to house search. Multiple rounds of card play to reach a score of 100, or knock out counters for all opponents.

Download the game here: AcesversusFaces

Jonathan Middleton

Claim!: The Search for the Golden Nugget

Claim! : The Search for the Gold Nugget

15-20 minutes
2-4 players

Welcome to Claim! where you and other competing prospectors hide, steal, and shuffle your way to finding the elusive gold nugget.  Beware though that even though you might have it one turn, you might just wind up with fools gold instead.

James Schnitzlein


Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper

30-50 minute
2-6 players

“Gold! I found gold!

It’s the gold rush, and anyone with a claim to a plot of dirt, hands to dig, and a little bit of luck can make a fortune overnight. In this fast-paced, family-friendly game, players compete to dig the richest dirt and protect their claims from their fellow miners. In Claim Jumper, the roll of a die could win you a chance to dig for gold, jump a neighbor’s claim and mine it for all it’s worth, or lose your hard-won gold to a passing outlaw. Will you strike it rich and keep your fortune ‘till the end of the gold rush, or will you be Claim Jumped?”

Cora Hays
Keith Hays


Elimination Island

Elimination Island

90 minutes
4-8 players

“Elimination Island” is the ultimate reality show competition! Each player represents a team of contestants in search of fame and fabulous prizes. (And if fame isn’t your thing, infamy is almost as good!) Over nine rounds, players scour the island for useful items and the elusive secret immunity totem. Each round ends with a fast-paced dice-rolling game, and the elimination of one of the contestants!

David Thiel

Fashion Monster

Fashion Monster

Venture out into the land to hunt and kill the creatures you find and fashion their hides into the best armor you can.

David Sheppard
Kenny Chinn

Five Star Frenzy

Five Star Frenzy

20-60 minutes
3-6 players

“Hello! And congratulations on your brand new restaurant! It’s nothing special yet though. As of now, you have a 0 out 5 star rating. That’s awful! You’re goal is to be the first restaurant on the block to reach a 5 star rating! You gain stars one by one. One star is given out each night. To gain the star you must bring in the most customers that night. To bring in customers, you must hire employees, plan menus, and bring attractions to your establishment, but watch out! The other restauranteurs around you will be sabotaging your foodie efforts!”

Kat Reiser
Sam Erickson
Luke Parker


Hoard Hoarding

Hoard Hoarding

15-20 minutes
2-8 players

The Dragon has died, and you, his minions are dividing up his treasure. Bid to be the first to choose from his horde of riches. You may pick magic items, armor, or gold. Magic will let you steal from the other players, armor will help protect you from magic, but only the player with the most gold is the true winner in the end.

Jordan Ajlouni
Evan Cox
Anne Odom
Marc Kirkland
Matthias Kirkland

How to be an Evil Overlord in Six Easy Steps

How To Become An Evil Overlord: In Just 6 Easy Steps!

20-40 minutes
2-4 players

Now, you too can become an evil overlord! Control minions, build a secret lair, own your very own giant laser, and much much more in this fun game for families, friends, and enemies! How, you ask? Accomplish each of the six steps in order and you can rule the world (or steal a moon, or destroy a small planet, or whatever…). Make sure that you avoid double agents, a certain British Secret Service agent (who shall remain nameless), and the dreaded “Warm Fuzzy Feelings” on your way to world domination.

 Are you smart enough? Are you ruthless enough?? Are you evil enough??? (Um…by the way, that “evil” part is kind of important.) If you are, then learn… “How To Become An Evil Overlord; IN JUST SIX EASY STEPS!!!

Paul Nolan


The Neighborhoods Game

The Neighborhoods Game

2 players
50-75 minutes

Using playing cards, 2 players maneuver around a board divided into four large neighborhoods (also based upon suits in a deck). There are multiple ways of moving around and winning, with government squares and feds making things difficult or easy for the players to achieve their goals– either to become Capo by controlling sufficient territory or by eliminating the competition via the feds.

Fred Newport
Maurice Newport

The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game

40-75 minutes
2-5 players

Inspired by the classic novel of the same name, The Most Dangerous Game is a game of cat and mouse based on deduction and skill.  One player takes on the role of Huntsman General Zaroff as he tracks up to four Captives he has lured to his Island to be hunted for sport.

The General has Two Days to track, hunt, and kill his prey lest they otherwise escape.  The catch being that while The Hunter is visible, the Captives are not.  Using coordination, ingenuity and the resources at their disposal, the Captives must do everything they can to survive The Most Dangerous Game.

Tyler Penrod

Pirates & Skeletons

Pirates & Skeletons

70-90 minutes
2-10 players

It’s an adventure on the high seas! Fill your crew with pirates, skeletons, or both and set out in search of treasure. Be careful, the other players are doing the same and those cannons aren’t for show. Maneuver and fight on open water, on various exotic islands, and even board each other’s ships all to gain more gold. Once you have the treasure in hand you have choice; spend it on more crew and ship repairs, or cache it in Pirate’s Cove for victory points.

Kurt Jeffries


“The Game of Tile Warfare”

20-60 minutes
2-6 players

Order on the island Hex-ōte has been shattered when the sacred totems of each tribe were ransacked. Race to be the first player to recover your artifact from the center temple and bring it back to your village, but beware of the ever-changing terrain that is shaped by your opponents!!

Alex Corraro
Mark Fuelle
Sehoon Park
Ervin Tsay
Ben Moy



45 – 60 minutes
3-7 players

There are lots of games about war, and lots of games about trains, but there is only one WAR TRAINS.  This game puts you in control of a deadly War Train.  Move around a map fighting other players’ trains and adding wacky cars to your own train to gain prestige points.  This game is fast-paced (like a train) with very little player downtime.  Also, more players means more fun as combat becomes increasingly chaotic, so grab all the friends you can!

Kaity Baquette
Tom Ackerman
Zac Beran



30 minutes
2-6 players

Share a plot of land with your friends and compete to harvest the most zucchini. During your turn, you have the choice to lengthen a vine or grow a zucchini in size. Grow a zucchini to three cards in size and draw an Action Card. You might get to fertilize your plants, kill your opponents’ chances, or harvest a vine for points. The first player to 30 points is the winner!

You can buy the game here!

Andrew Dudich