Season 3 Games



45 minutes
3-5 players

Explore a maze that grows as you play, fight monsters lurking around every corner, and mess with your friends as you try to collect points to win.

Mitchell Carlon-Farnsworth



30-45 minutes
4-6 players

DemocraSea is a game of parrrlimentary procedure. Pirates take turns sailing the sea. They gather loot, and vote on how best to split it “fairly.”  The goal is to gain as much money as possible. The pirate with the most loot at the end of the game wins.

Patrick Watson
Natalie Mesnard

Forbidden Cargo

Forbidden Cargo

45-60 minutes
2-4 players

Be a space smuggler! Jobs go to the lowest bidder, but do the dangerous locations and illegal cargo make it worth your time? Upgrade your ship to deal with cops, pirates, unruly cargo and more! Winner is the captain with the most daring reputation, not the one with the most cold hard space cash.

Jordan Pheonix
Tom Ackerman


Guild Dice

Guild Dice

60 minutes
2-4 players

In Guild Dice, players play leaders of adventuring guilds, managing the influx of fortune-hunters and characters that show up for work each morning. They send them away to earn money, recruit new adventurers for the guild, upgrade the guild’s facilities, and quest for glory. Ultimately one guild will earn enough renown and be titled the city’s official guild!

Adam Kouzmanoff

Kaiju Tycoon

Kaiju Tycoon

60-90 minutes
2-4 players

In Kaiju Tycoon, you and your teammates are the staff of a giant monster amusement park. You must work together to get people into the park (and prevent them from being eaten by the monsters) so that you can survive the first fiscal year in operation.

Andrew Stengle
Molly Cooper

King Pin


10-40 minutes
2-4 players

An adult card game in which each player is trying to knock other players out to become the only kingpin left. Players must move enough narcotics to build their drug empire while staying out of the eye of the law. Use hex cards to build a Transport network. Deliver Bricks of product to Customers. Win 10 Customer Points to be the KingPin.

August Johnson
Sarah Lubelski
Cathy Selen

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15-40 minutes
2-6 players

Lucidity is a game where all the players are asleep… piecing together a shared dream!  As the game goes on, you add onto your dream by adding more tiles from your hand… or tiles stolen from the other dreamers.  As the game progresses, you find out how many points each tile in your dream will be worth, and scramble to have the most enlightened dream when the time runs out.

Zack Kiedysz
John Halton-Berns

Mother Truckers

Mother Trucker

45-90 minutes
2-4 players

Mother Truckers is a CB jaw-jackin’, blacktop fast-trackin’, madcap dash across 1970s America. The goal of the game is for your female trucker to make a name for herself by being the first to gain 12 Fame Points and show the boys you can outhaul, outdrive, and outwit every other gearjammer on the road. Show the boys you can out-think, out-drive, and out-haul them. Will you keep to prissy pantyhose loads or knuckle down and try hauling bootleg booze over the border? Be a gearjammer of legend as you outwit the smokeys and your opponents in this madcap, sea-to-shining-sea adventure set in 1970s America.

Andrew Dudich
Olivia Markwalder

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30-90 minutes
2-4 players

Pipville is a smaller suburb of Megopolis and life is pretty swell. Except for, you know, all the jobs, shopping, tourism money, and glory going to the bigger city. Thus Mayor Randal Chansey began his project to help put Pipville on the map. Players take the role of a City Planner competing to have the best city plan by the end of the game.

Pipville offers a new twist on familiar gameplay as building cards are laid out in front of the players and they have up to 3 rolls to try and match the requirements on the cards. If successful, they get to add the building to their city and maybe even leave behind a colored dice worth bonus points at the end. Players can also steal dice from other players cities for their own. With adjustable game length, Pipville serves as both filler and lengthier experience.

David Sheppard


Smoothie Game

2-6 players

Welcome to the town of Cherika!  Starting up your own smoothie shop, eh? Well good luck!  You’ve got a lot of tough competition just waiting for you!  Your goal is to make the most money by making smoothies for the rest of the town!

Erika Lopez