We weren’t even sure we would have a spot at this year’s Quad Day, but we got the green light and in under an hour had a tent, tables, fliers, games from previous years, and excitable CUDO Plays team members to tell every student that would listen about Season 4. We learned many things at our first Quad Day, but here are the most important three:


  1. We can’t just stay in the booth.

As it turns out, many of the creative, driven, geeky students that would be most interested in CUDO Plays were already very busy at Quad Day working other booths! Luckily we were able to explore the event a bit, find some of these people and tell them about the Student Kickoff event.



  1. People like free stuff.

Obviously we know that people like free stuff, but since we didn’t even think we’d have a table at Quad Day until an hour before it began, all we had to give out were informational fliers. Many people asked if they could have some of the dice, cards, and 3D printed pieces of the prototype games we showed off at our table, but we unfortunately had to tell those people no. Next year though, make sure to check out the CUDO Plays table at Quad Day for FREE SWAG of some kind! (probably stickers, we really like stickers)



  1. Always have dice balloons.

These are words to live by obviously, as our dice balloons are thoroughly cool. Apart from being crowd pleasers though, our pair of stunning dice balloons also made it easy for members of our own team to find the CUDO Plays table among a sea of other exciting organizations.



Quad Day was a blast, and CUDO Plays intends to never miss another from here on out!