Presenting: My Little Scythe

No major CUDO Plays events this week to recap, but we do have an exciting announcement! On Wednesday, Stonemaier Games revealed their new upcoming title, My Little Scythe, a family-friendly re-imagining of the game Scythe, originally created by a fan. The most exciting part of this announcement though was that our own Katie Khau has done all the art for the game. Amazing work Katie! What an awesome project to be a part of. Learn more about My Little Scythe here.

My Little Scythe box



Upcoming Events

CUDO Plays May Game Night: Wild West Games – Monday, May 21st

Hyatt Place Champaign @ 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Take a break from your busy schedule and get to know your fellow game enthusiasts! CUDO Plays Game Night is open to everyone! This month’s featured theme is games in the wild west!


Game On! At the Champaign Public Library  – Tuesday, May 22nd

Champaign Public Library @ 10:00am – 11:30pm

Every Tuesday morning in May, the Champaign Public Library will be running a different game-related event. On May 22nd, CUDO Plays committee members and veterans will be on hand to show off locally-designed board games. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come out and play!


CUDO Plays Recommends

This week CUDO Plays recommends Isle of Skye.

Isle of Skye box

In this tile-laying game players are chieftains of famous clans who want to build their kingdoms to score as many points as possible—but in each game only four of the sixteen different scoring tiles will be scored. Thanks to the scoring tiles, each game is unique and leads to different tactics and strategies, but having enough money is useful no matter what else is going on. Managing that money can be tricky, though. Every turn, each player places two area tiles in front of them and sets the selling price for the tiles. Setting a high price is great, but only so long as someone actually pays the price because if no one opts to buy, then the seller must buy the tiles at the price they previously requested. Chieftains must also place their purchased tiles with care in order to get the most points. A relatively quick game with a ton of intense decision making!