The season begins next month! Get ready for Season 4 of CUDO Plays!


CUDO Plays @ Urbana Free Library’s Comic Con

We had a great time at Urbana Free Library’s Comic Con sharing info about CUDO Plays to the community. We hope that the mini Board Game Blitz workshop we ran inspired some awesome ideas for the upcoming season of CUDO Plays!

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Game Night

We had such a fun time showing Imagine and playing other games as well! Hope to see you at our next game night!





Illinois Local Game Designer Shoutout

We wanted to give a little shout out to the game Metal Minds, on Kickstarter right now! The designer, J.J. Sturgeon is a fellow Illinois local and designed this sci fi strategy card game of resource management. In the game players take turns playing the cards you draw and using their powers. Construct intricate machines, perform telepathic feats and thwart the efforts of rivals in a race to create rift orbs. Become the greatest Metal Mind and forge a path to victory!


CUDO Plays Recommends

This week we are recommending the game, Dragoon!

Dragoon is an action strategy game with an ever-changing landscape. Village and city tiles populate the map each round using a coordinate system. During your turn, choose between claiming villages and cities that pay you tribute, or destroying them out right for instant gold. Challenge other players in dragon-to-dragon combat before they lay waste to your empire or enter your cave to steal your riches. You’re never out of the game until the last gold coin is snatched up! Its a fun 2-4 player game that plays between 30-60 minutes.


Upcoming events

Community Kickoff – Tuesday, September 6th

Kickoff_small-01Champaign Library, Robeson Pavilion Room A & B @ 7:00pm
Ever thought about creating your own board game? Join us at the CUDO Plays Season 4 Kickoff!

CUDO Plays is a board game design competition aimed at teaching teams how to bring their original cardboard creations to life. Come learn about the competition and how you can form a team to build your own game! You can also be a part of CUDO Plays individually; come to to the Kickoff to learn more!


Student Kickoff – Thursday, September 8th

Kickoff_small-01Art + Design Building, Room 331 @ 7:00pm
Can’t make the Community Kickoff? Are a student interested in making a board game? Join us at the CUDO Plays Season 4 Student Kickoff! Come learn about the competition and how you can form a team to build your own game!

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