As we get closer to the holidays, remember to share your love of gaming with friends, family and loved ones! Let’s see what’s happening with CUDO Plays:


Game Night

The last Game Night of the year featured the games of this current season of CUDO Plays. Teams got to show how much they’ve progressed and where there games are at now.

Game Night4 Collage


Sponsor Spotlight

If you’ve been watching us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you have probably been seeing out Sponsor Spotlights. CUDO Plays is a completely free competition. There are no entry fees or event fees and to do that we work with local businesses to help us and the competitors along the way.  Since it’s shopping season, we thought we’d show them some love by showing you what they offer!

Armored Gopher GamesArmored Gopher-01 has supported us since Season 1, and they are a great trove of gaming knowledge and experience!

Check out their “Black December” sale going on this month, (because Black Friday deals are too short lived). All sorts of stuff is on sale, with some stuff up to 30% off! Take a look at their website out for more details, or stop by and take a look in person!


Black Line Supply-01The folks at Blackline Supply believe that design is a lifestyle. They love talking to people about their projects and are eager to help not only by offering an expanding inventory but also by providing model making, laser cutting, and 3D printing services! Check them out when they open back up in January!



Illini Plastics-01

Illini Plastics Supply can help out with any custom project- (like prototyping a game!) so make sure you stop in and learn about their wide selection of malleable, laser-able, and functional plastics that can take your game from “interesting” to “way cool.”



Art Coop-01A great local art supply store, Art Coop, with a fun little side-section of quirky gifts (like the Einstein coffee mugs and the Boxing Nun hand puppet). Stop in and check out those high-quality art markers, special craft papers, modeling clay, and anything else you might want to make your next project look really sharp!



Titan Games-01
Titan Games is location of our “First Wednesday” playtest night each month, but they host all sorts of other gaming events (just about one every day of the week). Stop in and see if there are any gaming gifts you want to pick up for the holidays for “your friend.”


Happy Holidays!

From all of us on the CUDO Plays committee, have a very Happy Holiday!