Open Playtest at Titan Games

Another great playtest night with our friends at Titan Games. This season’s games are slowly becoming tighter and more polished.

music game


Upcoming Events

Closed Playtests at Deep Silver Volition and C-U Adventures in Time and Space

Season 5 teams! If you have not yet signed up for a time in our Deep Silver Volition playtest (Jan 13th) or our Adventures in Time and Space playtest (Jan 16th) please email the team liaison Lee at These closed playtests are great opportunities to get your games played by professional designers and artists.

Open Playtest at G-Mart Comics – Monday, Januray 15th

G-Mart Comics Champaign @ 6:30pm – 9:00pm

In lieu of our normal monthly game night, we’re pleased to announce our first playtest event at G-Mart Comics in Champaign! If you attend you’ll also be getting a sneak peek at G-Mart’s gaming space.  Facebook event

Critical Review for Teams – Saturday, January 20th and Sunday, January 21st

Champaign Public Library

Critical review is right around the corner. This is where teams meet with members of the CUDO Plays Committee to discuss the state of their game, and what needs to be finished before turn-in come February. If you’re a team, please sign up for a review slot here.

CUDO Plays @ Winter War – Sunday, Januray 28th

Wyndham Garden Urbana @ 2:00pm – 5:00pm

As always, CUDO Plays will have a room for open playtesting at Winter War, the local gaming convention. You don’t need to be a con attendee to join in, but if you’re a Season 5 competitor, this is a great opportunity to get your game in front of some hardcore gamers that you might not see otherwise. Note that Winter War is at a new location this year!


CUDO Plays Recommends

This week CUDO Plays recommends Funemployed.

Funemployed box

Thi is a card-based party game in which everyone’s trying to become employed. Apply for real jobs, like astronaut, lawyer or priest, with unreal qualifications, such as a “German accent,” the  “handcuffs,” or a DeLorean. In the game, each player uses his qualifications to convince the other players that he’s the best qualified for a job. To do this, players tell the story of why their qualifications make them the best fit for a job by role-playing and acting like they are on an interview. Find innovative ways to use your qualifications and become the most “funemployed” player at the table! This is a hilarious party game for groups of all ages.