Turn in is tomorrow and Monday! We are anticipating some amazing games and can’t wait to play them. Let’s take a look at what’s happening and what’s coming up for CUDO Plays:


February Game Night

This month we featured Sabotile, a Season 2 award winner! Their Kickstarter campaign will launch in March so keep your eyes open for that.



Upcoming Events in March

Turn-in – Sunday, Feb 21st – Monday, Feb 22nd

Handed In_small-01

Armored Gopher on Sunday & Titan Games on Monday
The final submission—exactly what it sounds like! Turn in your polished game prototype with a complete and coherent rulebook. No work will be allowed on games after this point, and games will be judged based on the judging criteria. This date is TOMORROW AND MONDAY so get ready!

Marketing Workshop – Sunday, March 6th

Marketing Workshop_small-01Champaign Library @1-4pm
We’re going to walk you through a number of strategies to bring your beautiful creation to the masses. You’ll learn about how to deal with publishers, how to make sure the right people are hearing about your game and what to do if you want to take your game on to the national stage!


Grand Exhibition – Sunday, March 20th

Grand Exhibition-01Urbana Civic Center @1-8pm
Grand Exhibition is Sunday, March 20th at the Urbana Civic Center
! Mark your calendars and clear your schedule for the big day. All submitted board games will be showcased at a prestigious location for everyone to see and to try. This is an event to celebrate creativity and imagination in Champaign-Urbana; feel free to bring anyone you’d like!

1-6pm Gaming, 7:30pm Awards Ceremony