Upcoming Events

Marketing Workshop – Sunday, March 4th

Marketing Workshop_small-01Champaign Library, Robeson Pavilion Room C @1:30-3:30pm
We’re going to walk you through a number of strategies to bring your beautiful creation to the masses. You’ll learn about how to deal with publishers, how to make sure the right people are hearing about your game and what to do if you want to take your game on to the national stage!

Grand Exhibition – Sunday, March 12th

Grand Exhibition-01Urbana Civic Center @1-8pm
Grand Exhibition is Sunday, March 12th at the Urbana Civic Center
! Mark your calendars and clear your schedule for the big day. All submitted board games will be showcased at a prestigious location for everyone to see and to try. This is an event to celebrate creativity and imagination in Champaign-Urbana; feel free to bring anyone you’d like!

1-6pm Gaming, 7:30pm Awards Ceremony


CUDO Plays Recommends

Continuing our focus on black game designers for Black History Month, today CUDO Plays recommends Discount Salmon by Cara Heacock, and Marcus Ross.

Discount Salmon is a light, speed-based card game where players take on the role of fishermen at a very disgusting lake. The salmon caught in this lake all have issues like, ugly, or smelly, or radioactive. Once a salmon card is flipped up, all players simultaneously play cards from their hand to fix the salmon’s issues (like playing perfume on a smelly salmon) or to make the salmon even less desirable (like sticking rotten eggs on it to make it smelly if it wasn’t already before). The first player to resolve all of a salmon’s issues takes the card, and most salmon at the end of the game wins! A quick 10 minute game for 2-6 players.


Grand Exhibition is in 2 weeks!