There were lots of playtesting events this week as we enter the home stretch for Season 5!

Closed Playtests at Volition and C-U Adventures in Time and Space

A number of our teams secured playtesting slots with our friends at Deep Silver Volition and C-U Adventures in Time and Space. Teams got great feedback from some game and art professionals. Also most of the Volition sessions were blind playtests which are pivotal for making sure your rulebook is comprehensive.


CUDO Plays January Game Night: G-Mart Comics

G-Mart playtest night

Excellent turn out for the first event we’ve ever held at G-Mart Comics. Of course several CUDO Plays games got played but some published games as well. We look forward to doing more events at G-Mart int he future.


Upcoming Events

Season 5 Critical Review – Saturday, January 20th & Sunday, January 21st

If you are a season 5 competitor and are not able to attend any of our critical review times, but would like your game reviewed by the CUDO Plays Committee, please contact Team Liaison Lee Bynum at kainesh42(at)


CUBED Open Playtest – Sunday, January 21th

Gopher Mafia Games @ 2:00pm – 4:00pm

CUBED  is the Champaign-Urbana Board Game Design Engineers and Designers, a local tabletop game design group that emphasizes creation, collaboration, and execution of quality board and card games. It is a great place to show new designs and playtest your game with other designers to get insightful feedback. Facebook event


CUDO Plays @ Winter War – Sunday, Januray 28th

Wyndham Garden Urbana @ 2:00pm – 5:00pm

As always, CUDO Plays will have a room for open playtesting at Winter War, the local gaming convention. You don’t need to be a con attendee to join in, but if you’re a Season 5 competitor, this is a great opportunity to get your game in front of some hardcore gamers that you might not see otherwise. Note that Winter War is at a new location this year! Facebook event


CUDO Plays Recommends

This week CUDO Plays recommends BlueprintsBlueprints box

In this game, players are architects who must use different colored dice to build three different structures from blueprints, with the dice providing different advantages to you. In the game, each round progresses like this:

  • Discover your blueprint.
  • Each turn, choose a die and place it in your building.
  • Reveal your building, tally your points, then discover who wins the awards and prizes.

After three rounds, players tally their awards and prizes to see who wins. Who will be the best architect?