Only 6 weeks until turn in! Games are shaping up to be awesome, lets see what we’ve been up to:


January Playtest Night

First Playtest Night of the year at Titan Games was great! It was good to see how far some of our games have come.

January Playtest Night Collage


Upcoming Events

Armored Gopher Playtest Night – Sunday, Jan 10th

Armored Gopher-01Armored Gopher Games @5pm
Another playtesting night to bring your games to this month! Another great chance to test your game out with other gamers. Game design is an iterative process so playtest often!

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Rules Layout Workshop – Wednesday, Jan 13th

Design Workshop-01C-U Fab Lab @6:30pm

Eventually, your game will have to go out on its own, and you can’t be there to teach it! So you give it a good set of rules and watch it be picked up and played by happy gamers. But how can you make sure the rules are clear and understandable? The Rules Layout Workshop will teach you how to write and arrange your game’s rules so that anyone and everyone can pick it up and play!

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We Need Playtesters!

Whether you are on one of our teams in the competition, have friends or family that do, or just really love board games, we need you! We would love more people to come out to our playtesting events to come try out awesome games created by our local community members.

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