Marketing Workshop

Another great Marketing Workshop this season with some of the best speakers we’ve ever had. Everyone in attendance learned a bunch. Here’s a rundown of all the talks and some key takeaways:

  • Matt Holden: Indie Game Alliance and Networking in the Board Game Industry
    • You gotta put yourself and your game out there if you’re going to be successful
    • Go to as many events are you are able and be constructive with your criticism
    • The Indie Game Alliance is a great community to help independent game designers
  • Alex Corrao & Kerry Rundle McIver of Panda Game Manufacturing: A Crash Course in Game Manufacturing
    • Getting a game ready for mass production takes time and work
    • To keep costs down, use components that appear in other games and use cards as much as possible
    • You can get a free price quote from
    • Minimum order is 1500 units
    • Panda is committed to helping indie game designers get their game produced!
  • Pat East: Fantastic Artists and Where to Find Them
    • There are many places to find artists online, but don’t forget, you can find local artists at UIUC, Parkland, and CUDO
    • When working with artists (or anyone really) be polite and value their time
    • Have a good idea what your art needs are for your game
    • If you want a specific style or look, say so! Using reference images is encouraged!
    • Communication and respect are key
  • Ben Moy: How to Have an Online Presence in the Board Game World
    • Try lots of different social media platforms, but then stick to those that work best for your style
    • Like stuff, post comment to others, get involved in discussions, but be polite!
    • Make friends with cool folks in the industry people! That’s the whole point!
    • Don’t overwhelm yourself though, make a schedule that works for you and stick to it


Upcoming Events

Beers & Board Games – Saturday, March 9th

Cafeteria & Company, Urbana @ 5:00pm – 8:00pm

CUDO Plays has joined forces with Cafeteria & Company to help them run bi-monthly game nights. Come out to Cafe & Co. every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month to chill with some games, snacks, and beer/wine/coffee. Don’t miss the fun!  Facebook event


Grand Exhibition – Sunday, March 31st

Broadway Food Hall @ Noon – 7:00pm

The big event! All submitted board games will be showcased for the community to come and play. The award ceremony will also take place during the Grand Exhibition, where exceptional games will be recognized in eight different categories. This is an event to celebrate creativity and imagination in Champaign-Urbana; feel free to bring anyone you’d like, there’ll be games for all ages, tastes, and skill levels.  Facebook event


CUDO Plays Recommends

This week CUDO Plays recommends Bandido.

A prisoner is trying to escape through tunnels beneath the jail! Block off the tunnels before the cards run out in this co-op game for the whole family.

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