A ton of excitement is building to our Grand Exhibition! Lets take a look at all the activity going on this week and coming up:


Marketing Workshop

We had a great time putting on this workshop for everyone and hope it was helpful and informative! Our speakers included,

  • Dave Taylor from To the Table Reviews who does board game reviews from a family perspective, who talked about courting board game reviewers for your board game
  • Kaity Baquette and Jessica Chu, CUDO Plays veterans who discussed tips and tricks to using social media to your advantage
  • JR Honeycutt, game designer and co-founder of DFW Nerd Night where he runs a web-show and charity events, who shared his experience with participating and running other board game design competitions
  • Matt Holden, founder of the Indie Game Alliance, who introduced his organization and how the IGA can help indie board game designers
  • Ben Moy, Mercedes Mane and Katie Khau, who shared their knowledge and experience with crowdfunding on in a panel Q&A



New Photo Albums

Many of these albums are long overdue but we finally have been able to edit and upload them and it is really neat to look back on everyone’s development!

Design Workshop

Design Workshop Collage


December Work Night

Work Night Collage


December Game Night

Game Night4 Collage


January Playtest Night

AGG Playtest1 Collage


Rules Layout Workshop

Rules Layout Workshop Collage


Volition Playtest Night

Volition Playtest Collage


Winter War

Winter War Collage


February Game Night

Game Night5 Collage


The Big Event is Coming Up!

Grand Exhibition – Sunday, March 20th

Grand Exhibition-01Urbana Civic Center @1-8pm
Grand Exhibition is Sunday, March 20th at the Urbana Civic Center
! Mark your calendars and clear your schedule for the big day. All submitted board games will be showcased at a prestigious location for everyone to see and to try. This is an event to celebrate creativity and imagination in Champaign-Urbana; feel free to bring anyone you’d like! The Grand Exhibition is only one week away! 

1-6pm Gaming, 7:30pm Awards Ceremony

Grand Exhibition Facebook RSVP