Design Workshop

David Michael Moore at the whiteboard

Eleven teams attended the design workshop on Saturday the 11th. We worked through a number of graphic design issues with the help of our graphics guru David Michael Moore. Even in your paper prototype, it’s important to pay attention to layout and readability!

CUBED Playtest at Titan Games

Players giving feedback on Book-a-neers

A good mix of veteran teams and newcomers for Season 5 came out to Titan for some playtesting this Wednesday. Hope all teams are playtesting every chance they get!

Upcoming Events

CUBED Open Playtest – Sunday, November 19th

Gopher Mafia Games @ 2:00pm – 4:00pm

CUBED  is the Champaign-Urbana Board Game Design Engineers and Designers, a local tabletop game design group that emphasizes creation, collaboration, and execution of quality board and card games. It is a great place to show new designs and playtest your game with other designers to get insightful feedback. Facebook event

CUDO Plays November Game Night – Monday, November 20th

Hyatt Place Champaign @ 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Take a break from your busy schedule and get to know your fellow game enthusiasts! CUDO Plays Game Night is open to everyone! Spread the word and let’s have a great time. Whether you’re a serious gamer or just looking to relax and socialize, we’d love to see you there!

This month’s game night will be for playtesting the games in Season 5, so teams, make sure to come to Game Night and bring your game! You can never playtest enough. Facebook event

How to Present Your Game Workshop – Saturday, December 2nd

Lincoln Hall room 1000 @ 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Your game is nothing but a pile of cardboard and bits if people don’t know how to play! In this workshop learn how best to teach and demo your game to new players. We’ll also go over best practices for writing and laying out your rules document. It’s never to early to start writing down your rules!

CUDO Plays Recommends

This week CUDO Plays recommends Clank!

Clank! box

Burgle your way to adventure in the deck-building board game Clank! Sneak into an angry dragon’s mountain lair to steal precious artifacts. Delve deeper to find more valuable loot. Acquire cards for your deck and watch your thievish abilities grow. Be quick and be quiet. One false step and CLANK! Each careless sound draws the attention of the dragon, and each artifact stolen increases its rage. You can enjoy your plunder only if you make it out of the depths alive! Other games have combined deckbuilding and dungeon-crawling, but none do it as well as Clank!