The deadline to sign up for Season 3 is today, so sign up to take part and join us! Speaking of this season, let’s see what has been going on this week:


Last Chance to Sign Up!

Team sign ups are still open until the end of today, so remember to sign up to be a part of Season 3!

Team Registration Sign Up

Don’t have a team? No worries! You can sign up as an individual and we will help you find or make a team, just follow the link below for the individual registration form:

Individual Registration Form

Team Registered_small-01
If you register your team, don’t forget to get your Team Registered Achievement sticker for your Strategy Guide that we’ll hand out at the Symposium. Registration will be open until October 17th so don’t hesitate to join us for Season 3!


Photo Albums!

We’ve finally had a breather to upload several of the photo albums from events. We are so appreciative of everyone who was able to attend our events. If you see yourself in some of our photos feel free to tag yourselves!

Symposium Album

Symposium Collage


Bootcamp Album

Bootcamp Collage


Symposium Powerpoints

In case you couldn’t attend the Symposium, or if you wanted a copy of the powerpoint presentations themselves, we have put them on our website under the Downloadables section! We have both Dan Cermak’s Board Game Industry History presentation and Jordan Lynn’s Playtesting presentation up. You can also download them directly from here as well!

Season 3 Symposium Presentations Download


Upcoming Events


CUDO Plays October Game Night – Monday, Oct 19th

Hyatt Place @ 6:30pm
Take a break from your busy schedule and get to know your fellow game enthusiasts! This is another great opportunity to bring in your prototypes to test out.

Game Night Facebook RSVP


Mechanics Workshop – Monday, Oct 26th

Armored Gopher Games @ 2:00pm
Learn what makes a game tick! In this workshop we’ll teach you about what makes a game, a game, with an overview of popular board game mechanics and elements. This is also a great time to come and playtest your game!


Armored Gopher Playtest – Sunday, Oct 25th

Armored Gopher Games @ 6:30pm

Armored Gopher-01Ready to test your game, but not sure who you can ask to play? Do you want to be a part of the process and play board games in progress? Come to a CUDO Plays informal playtest session! Teams can playtest their prototypes with people from the community. We will provide playtest feedback forms for playtesters to fill out! Game design is an iterative process. Playtest early and playtest often!