Game Night

We got to see some pretty neat games that got playtested at this month’s Game Night! We are excited to follow these development journeys for all of these games.



Windup War on Kickstarter!

CUDO Plays’ alumni, Katie Khau and Jessica Chu have launched their first published board game, Windup War, published by Bellwether Games! Check it out and support a locally designed game. Let’s help this game become a reality!


El Toro Fundraiser

El Toro is having a fundraiser to support CUDO Plays on October 25th for lunch and dinner, both dine-in and carry-out. They will be donating 15% of your billing totals to CUDO Plays but ONLY if you bring in one of these flyers with you on that day. Download and print out the flyers and bring them with you to eat at El Toro that day and help support CUDO Plays! More flyers can be found at Armored Gopher Games.


Board Game Bootcamp Album

Check out the photos from our Board Game Bootcamp on Facebook!



Signups Still Open!

Team Registered_small-01Signups for the new season of the CUDO Plays board game design competition are open! If you’d like to participate and want to join in on the board game making fun, you can sign up with your team here:

Team Signup

Or if you want to participate and want to create a team or join a team, you can sign up as an individual here:

Individual Signup


Upcoming Events

Making Workshop – Saturday, October 22nd

Making Workshop_small-01CU Fab Lab @ 1-4pm
We’ll show you community resources to make cheap, awesome looking games, and you’ll learn about laser cutters and 3D printers. This is going to be the workshop that evolves your game from ‘stuff I found in my basement’ to top shelf material. We will have Season 1 winners of our Craft Category walking you through what they did to make their game look like a million dollars.


Playtest Convention – Saturday, November 5th

Lincoln Square Mall @ 1-6pm
Love board games? Then you’ll want to try these brand new board game creations, designed right here in Champaign-Urbana! Join a table and play – your feedback will help teams create a better game.


Design Workshop – Saturday, November 12th

CU FabLab @ 1-4pm
Add some polish to your game! We’ll teach you about useful programs you can use to add aesthetic details to your game, to make it look and feel how you imagined.



CUDO Plays Recommends

This week the spooky game, Witches Brew, is recommended by one of CUDO Plays’ committee members, Tom Ackerman!

Witch’s Brew is a role-selection card game which is the most fun at it’s max player count of 6. Each round, players select five roles/occupations from their deck of 12 to try and gain components to craft potions and score points. However, if somebody else around the table has the same role as you, you’ll get NOTHING. This leads to great tension and bluffing each and every turn. A little bit difficult to find, but a well worth 3-5 player game that plays around 45 minutes.

– Tom Ackerman