We mentioned that each team got swag bags of games and promos. This week we’d like to highlight the sponsors who generously donated these to our teams! This year, the following sponsors donated these items to our teams:

APE Games – Anathema
Bellwether Games – Antidote promo packs
Blue Orange – Photosynthesis promos, Kingdomino promos, Vikings On Board coasters
Card Caddy – Card Caddies
Fireside Games – Castle Panic coasters
Game Crafter – coupons
iello Games – Alpha Zombie promos
Brotherwise Games (through the IGA) – Boss Monster poster
Casual Dragon Games (through the IGA) – Zombie Sheep promo
Ariah Studios (through the IGA) – Deck Box Dungeons promo
Ninja Star Games (through the IGA) – Arkham Ritual promo
Zafty Games (through the IGA) – Gingerdead House promo
Thunderworks Games (through the IGA) – Blend Off! Mystery Twister expansion
Stuff by Bez (through the IGA) – In a Bind and In a Bind JR
Level99 – Pixel Tactics promo cards
Paizo – Yetisburg
Panda Game Manufacturing – design guidebooks
Starling Games – Farlight launch packs
Stonemaier Games – Charterstone bits
Renegade Games – World’s Fair promos
Roxley Game Lab – Santorini promos and Roxley magnets
Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin promo packs and bookmarks

We always say that finishing CUDO Plays *is* winning so we created these bags to congratulate them on a game well done, and we’re grateful to have the support of our sponsors to show our teams our appreciation. Thank you sponsors and thank you teams!

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