In October, two CUDO Plays alumni teams traveled to California to show off their games at IndieCade. But what is IndieCade?

IndieCade is an international festival that celebrates all sorts of independent games! It showcases innovation, uniqueness, and distinctive games, games that defy genres and push boundaries of the definition of the word “game”. While the majority of games shown at IndieCade are digital, the festival selects a large number of independent board games to show each year. Selected board games have a time to show off their games as well, and all selected teams get a chance to attend IndieXchange, a networking event for game developers!

CUDO Plays has sent games to IndieCade for the past three years! Post-Season 1, Heifer Heist took their game one square further and submitted to IndieCade on their own, and were picked as finalists! Thanks to Alliance Game Distribution, CUDO Plays was able to submit the Season 2 Theme Award winner to IndieCade! The Most Dangerous Game was a Tabletop Game Selection for IndieCade 2015. And from Season 3, DemocraSea was entered courtesy of CUDO Plays, also a Tabletop Game Selection this year! Meanwhile, the Heifer Heist team was also selected this year for their new game, Pitch Fight. We’re proud to see our Champaign-Urbana games represented halfway across the country!

Being selected is a great honor – IndieCade proudly selects the most unique games that they believe add something new and original to the gaming world.

So what can you, as a board game developer and designer, get from the IndieCade experience?

First, even just attending IndieCade is an exhilarating experience – from GameU talks in the morning and Night Games at…well, night, there is always something going on for you to partake in. The festival begins on a Thursday with a separate event, IndieXChange, a networking event for game developers. Not that you need a special time set aside to network – just walking around to see others’ games is enough to start a conversation with any developer! There’s always time to meet up and chat with new friends, and you never know what kind of connections you can make! There are also demo times specifically for board games, so you can peruse what board games were selected this year. These games run from published to prototype, so don’t be afraid to state your own experiences, because everyone at IndieCade has been through the same!

IndieCade is something to consider submitting your game to, especially if you can make it to California in October! When game turn-in comes around, think about festivals like IndieCade to bring your game and yourself another step further!