Our teams came out in the cold, blustery weather on January 6th to Atlanta Bread Company for an informal playtest. With a hearty group of people on hand to enjoy the games,  the CUDO Plays group warmed up to some fun.

We hadn’t seen the games in a while, so many teams had major changes in design or pieces. I saw a lot of neat new looks and was excited to hear about rules changes as well.

First up was Horde Hoarding, who had upgraded their tokens into “gold pieces” and made the look pop with color and pizzazz.




Really like the red play mat!

They recently added stickers to their pieces with pictures of the loot you get, with colorful gems and fabulous magic. I love this new addition as it really ads to their concept and gives a fun feel.


The team is super excited by the game.

War Trains had made some changes as well. In addition to making changes to their board, they retooled some components with better play or thematic elements in mind.



War Trains’ New D4s!


A new, improved board.



And TRAINS!!!!!!!


I got a chance to play The Neighborhoods, which offers a lot of tactics and strategy. Ben Moy was kind enough to play against me, and we seemed to be having a good time.




There’s still more fun to be had! There’s another playtest event on January 19th at Hyatt Place in downtown Champaign. We would love to see you at this event, so come on out!