The early stages of any competition (football, basketball, NASCAR) are full of speculation and figuring out what team capabilities and weaknesses exist, and the CUDO Plays Season 2 is no different! With 20+ teams already registered and a little over a week left to sign up, there’s a lot of unknowns, and plenty of room for what we do know to change.

Boot Camp was extremely well attended- with more than 30 attendees, the event was a great starting point for creation, innovative thinking and utilization of unusual strategy. Boot Camp was also an easy entry point for all the teams to learn how to use odds and ends and turn them into games, as well as learning how to present ideas in a public format.


Start with this!



Talk about your creation when you are done.

At least 2 of the teams liked their Boot Camp game design enough to keep the ideas and present them as games at Pitch Night.


Pitch Night had multiple teams presenting game ideas, as well as teams becoming more formal and some new members being added to existing teams. While the games presented were just “ideas”, some were more fleshed out than others.


Pitch Night_small-01


War Trains



Time Shifters



Pitch Night in Action


I have seen a couple games I really want to try. I’m very interested in War Trains (because I am right there with the creator- I don’t like war, or trains; but a LOT of board games seem to be about those topics) and Sabotile seems like a game I could either love or hate. (But I don’t know which yet.)

I will obviously be playing and checking out all of the games, but those are the games that jumped out at me right away as interesting either in premise or subject.


The first playtesting event was a great success and I am looking forward to the next one. (Free popcorn! Who doesn’t love that?) I saw some great paper /early prototypes for several games, and I am curious and excited to see how the games change and evolve as the competition moves forward.


Made And Played_small-01

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Check back often for more information, thoughts, details and ideas as we move toward final exhibition!