This post is an overview of many of the documents found under the Downloadables section of our website, what they are for and how you can use them. Registered teams can receive a physical folder with these documents from the CUDO Plays committee, or download them from our website here.


Strategy Guide

This is a comprehensive guide that takes you through the whole process from concept to final physical game. It includes step-by-step guides on running playtests, a map of local community resources, links to great online resources and a nifty place to put all of those achievement stickers you’ve been earning.

Strategy Guide DownloadStrategy Guide


Playtest Feedback Form

This is a feedback form that you can give to your playtesters after one of your playtests. It is a great way to get written comments and critiques from your players and helps to facilitate discussions about your game. Don’t forget to ask questions and talk about their thoughts as well!

Feedback Form Download


Playtest Datasheet

New for Season 3! This is for you to write down important info from each playtest such as the start/end time, number of players, and end scores or who won and lost. It’s a quick way to see from all of your playtest the time it takes to play your game as well as how balanced the gameplay is from game to game. There is space to write info for 3 different playtests on each page.

Playtest Datasheet Download


Discount Card

We have partnered with several local supply business to get you discounts on your board game building needs! The discount card can get your team:

Season3 Card Image

This document is a little different in that you’ll have to receive it in person from one of the committee members to get the actual discount card, however you can download this info sheet if you want information about each of our partnered businesses.

Team Discount Card Info Sheet Download


Quick Info Sheet

This little handout has ways you can get involved, important dates, and where to find us on social media. There are two handouts on the page so you can cut it in half and give it to a friend!

Kickoff Handout-page-001