It’s been a little quiet since Boot Camp and Pitch Night. We did have a great group of folks at the casual playtest event held at Armored Gopher Games a couple weeks ago. The free popcorn was also a huge hit.

Armored Gopher-01

We hosted a workshop at the CU Fab Lab for the teams with instructions and demos on 3D printing. I heard nothing but positive comments coming out  of that event, and I hope we can keep hosting that kind of thing for the teams.

Our next big event is the Playtesting Convention! 



The teams will have playtest versions of their games available to check out (honestly, probably nothing fancy- but you have to start somewhere) and there will be plenty of time to check out the various teams and their productions.


Lincoln Square Mall, Urbana

Sunday November 16, 1-6pm

(Generously sponsored and co-hosted by Dr G’s Brainworks)



Please come. Invite friends and family, and anyone that enjoys boardgames. It’s a great free event that will offer plenty of choices and chances to do something different than the usual football or movie.


Can’t wait to see you!