Lots of things coming up! Lets take a look at what happened with CUDO Plays this past week:


Armored Gopher Playtest Night

We got to see even more Season 3 games this past Sunday including Mother Trucker, Guild Dice and DemocraSea!



Rules Layout Workshop

An often overlooked part of designing a game, the awesome Ben Moy taught a workshop on laying out the rules for a board game!


Upcoming Events

January Game Night – Monday, Jan 18th

Hyatt Place @6:30pm
Take a break from your busy schedule and get to know your fellow game enthusiasts!

The featured games of the night will be the games of Season 3!

Come check out how far these games have come and playtest them before the Grand Exhibition in March.


Critical Review – Saturday, Jan 23rd

Critical Review-01Urbana Free Library
Teams! This is a session for you to bring your near–complete board games to our committee for critique. Members of the committee will be available to give you insight into how to make your board game the best it can be.