November Game Night: Playtesting!

November game night playtesting

For our regular monthly game night we highlighted the new games of CUDO Plays Season 5. Strong turnout despite it being a holiday week! Some of these games have changed a lot even since the Playtest Convention.

Upcoming Events


How to Present Your Game Workshop – Saturday, December 2nd

Lincoln Hall room 1000 @ 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Season 4 How to Present your game workshop

Your game is nothing but a pile of cardboard and bits if people don’t know how to play! In this workshop learn how best to teach and demo your game to new players. We’ll also go over best practices for writing and laying out your rules document. It’s never to early to start writing down your rules!

CUDO Plays Recommends

What better game to highlight on the week of Thanksgiving than a game about harvesting fruit? This week CUDO Plays recommends Cherry Picking.

Cherry Picking cards

In this game six trees and shrubs bearing fruit are laid out on the table. Underneath them six other cards are placed, showing fruit, ladders and baskets of different values. The players simultaneously play one card from their hands, indicating the plant from which they want to “harvest” — yet played cards replace the cards harvested, so depending on the player order you might not get what you wanted, but rather what was placed there in the meantime. Even so, collected baskets and ladders might be valuable. In the end, the player with the most worthy mixture of fruit – whether many of the same kind or all different kinds – and additional ladders and baskets of high value wins the game. Cherry Picking is simple to learn, but always tense!

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